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Whether you choose to opt for the By Time (Hourly) rate to tackle those “must do” jobs, or need to use the evenings or weekends to get things ship shape, there is an option to suit your time.

There is even a discounted day rate to give you the flexibility to blitz all those small jobs in one go.


By Time


Standard Hours

Mon – Fri: 8am – 6pm: £46 for the first hour. £18 per ½ hour thereafter*

Non Standard Hours

Mon – Fri: Jobs starting after 5.30pm: £60 for first hour, £20 per ½ hour thereafter*

Sat: 9am-5pm: £60 for first hour, £20 per ½ hour thereafter*

Sunday / Bank holidays: 9am-5pm: £60 for first hour, £20 per ½ hour thereafter*

Day Rate

Day Rate


The discounted day rate will be back on January 2nd 2018.

This must be pre-booked in advance and carried out on the same day.

Payment accepted by Cash, BACS or Cheque. Most of the Handymen also carry Card machines - please ask for details.

* Minimum Charge of one hour, charges calculated in 15 minute increments thereafter. Any materials used that are supplied by your handyman are charged in addition to labour.

Each handyman carries some standard consumable items with them such as screws, rawlplugs, sandpaper etc. If there are specific materials that need to be purchased for a job, the preference is for the customer to supply them. If the handyman supplies them, they will be charged at cost price plus 25% and will cover the normal guarantees of the Sale of Goods Act.

Areas bordering SW and SE London may be charged at prices published on the SW London Handyman site. For full details on SW pricing and locations falling under this pricing, please visit the SW London Handyman site.