Sourcing Leaks

Sourcing Leaks

The first signs you may see are a stain on the ceiling, a soggy carpet, your pressure dropping on your central heating system or worse still your downstairs neighbour informing you that they have a paddling pool in their front room. One of our handymen can visit your property to look for the location of this leak and then subsequently fix this.


Your Surrey Handyman:-

  • Is experienced in leak detection
  • Will arrive with the tools to do the work
  • Carries some standard plumbing repair materials
  • May need to go and purchase standard parts from local merchant
  • Will offer honest advice on the most economical access route for difficult to reach pipes
  • Offers very competitive rates compared to most other plumbers
  • Does not charge a call out fee
  • Unlike most plumbers your handyman will be able to make good any areas disturbed for access – e.g. patching holes in ceilings, making good pipe boxing in and repairing solid and stud walls
  • Will Guarantee their work
  • Is fully insured
  • Will issue a pdf receipt
How Long

How Long?

The simplest of leaks can potentially take as little as 15 minutes to locate and fix. This would be accessible and easy to locate and would be as simple as tightening a nut. More complex leaks can take considerably longer to find and subsequently fix. What your Surrey Handyman will know within 45 minutes of his arrival is how complex it is going to be to find or how the fix is going to pan out, therefore giving you a stronger indication of time and you can jointly decide how you would like to proceed.

Handy Extras

Handy Extras

  • If your leak has been dripping onto a ceiling do you need us to paint this with a shellac based stain stop?
  • If your leak has been dripping somewhere else to you need us to assess any other long term damage?
  • If your leak has been dripping anywhere else do you need us to make any repairs?
  • Do you need your handyman to make good any other spoiled redecoration?
  • Whilst your handyman is at your property do you need him to give honest advice on anything else?
  • Do you have any light bulbs or transformers that need changing?
Book Online

Handy Booking

  • You can contact your chosen Handyman directly via phone or email.
  • Email the Surrey Handyman booking office.
  • Call the booking office directly 01737 457 147
  • Fill in the General Enquiry form on the Contact page.
Handy Payment

Handy Payment

  • Payment accepted by cash, card*, BACs or cheque
  • You simply pay your Handyman at the end of each visit, and he will email you a pdf receipt from his Smartphone – simple, with no pieces of paper to look after
  • For Commercial clients, an invoice can be arranged for you by prior agreement

* Please check with the Booking Office whether your handyman accepts card payment

100% Guarantee

Guaranteed Work

Work completed by your Surrey Handyman is guaranteed.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind

Peace of mind from a brand you can trust.